Treasures of Winterthur

Goblin Raiders

The party meet on the road to Delving Camp and travel together to the town, only to find the town gates burned to a cinder and the town smouldering. Hideki the Tengu Swordsman rushed through the gates and found two goblins in a cul-de-sac squabbling over loot which he quickly dispatched.

Adan the Gnome Alchemist and Burton the Aasimar Inquisitor move more slowly into town and find themselves clashing with two more goblins across the main courtyard of the mining camp. After Hideki shows up to help finish off the goblins the party is approached by grizzled Sergeant Kilgour who thanked them for their help and let them know that the goblins had been attacking more frequently lately, and it wasn’t until today’s attack that they were they able to breach the camp palisades by using some kind of “fire weapon”. The sergeant then learns that several women and children from the camp are missing, probably taken by the goblins for food.

The party takes this information and sets out on the track of the goblins, shortly finding a group of four dividing up their take of loot. These four are quickly defeated by several decisive bomb strikes delivered from Adan’s hands. The prisoners are tracked down shortly thereafter being marched back to the goblin’s camp. Hideki sneaked around the front of the line while Burton struck form the back with arrows. While battle raged around them and both Hideki and Burton took potentially deadly injuries, Adan sneaked up to the prisoner line and started cutting them loose. Hideki and Burton quickly finish off their opponents and keep following the trail to the goblin camp.

Arriving at the goblin’s cave the party see the tribe’s shaman meeting outside the cave with a human shaman of Urgathoa. The shaman asks where his new toy is and the cleric asks for his money. the goblin chief and three other goblins come out of the cave, two of them carrying a crate between them. Just as the exchange is about to happen the party attacks, with Hideki throwing his shortsword at the cleric. A battle ensues with the cleric who does considerable damage to Hideki in the process before deciding to flee the scene using a magical teleportation effect, but not before snatching the shaman’s wand of fireball.

Once the fight started the goblins fled into their cave with the crate, and when the cleric fled the scene the rest of the goblins retreated into the cave. The party paused briefly to heal and then pursued the goblins into the cave, confronting them in the main cavern. Another brief fight sent these goblins to their doom and the party left the cave after seeing several more goblins peeking around the cave walls at them.

Their return to the Delving Camp sees the party hailed as heroes for the return of the hostages and the sergeant pays them all the bounty money he had left in his budget, 850gp, which Adan quickly took payment for her healing potions out of before disbursing the rest of the party’s share.

1734 xp were awarded for the adventure.


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